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Adding More Detail

One of the advantages of a custom and curated model is that the information displayed can be constantly expanded and tailored to user requirements. We have plans to expand the model to show many aspects of leisure and business activities in the National Park. As a first illustration of this we decided to add details to some of the peaks in the Eastern Fells.

The majority of the fells have a number of routes of ascent which often vary in difficulty, they also have distinctive features that are key to the route description. It was thus a natural extension to add the additional features and routes with the ability to navigate between them.

As the first example we chose Helvellyn, which is the largest and probably most well known of the Eastern fells. It also has a good variety of routes and detailed features. As can be seen from the picture below, when Helvellyn is selected from the fells dropdown there are a few changes to what is displayed. Initially the user is”flown to a general view of the fell with all the significant features displayed. A general description is provided in the text panel and an additional dropdown menu is provided to select the route options.

When one of the routes is selected the view is changed and the route is displayed and may be navigated as usual.

Another idea that we have been considering is route grading, similar to the approach taken with ski runs. Routes could be colour coded in the drop downs and also the background to the text panels. To illustrate this we added a warning panel for the main two ridge routes Striding and Swirral Edges.

In this initial implementation we have kept all detailed features in view for all routes however there is the option to just show those relevant to the route by default with the option to toggle the display of all detailed features using on/off buttons as used for Places, Valleys, Peaks and Water.

As always, we are interested and will be seeking the views of potential users on these ideas and feedback is always welcome.

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