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Down the Rabbit Hole

We expect that people will want to use our kind of model in many ways. To support this we have the Overview Level, where the user can “fly over’ and appraise a wide area, the Explore Level, where the user can land on the model and review at ground level and the Experience Level which allows the user to dive into the model to gain a detailed impression of a venue or activity.

In our Eastern Fells model we have used the Helvellyn Youth Hostel as an example of an Experience Level. This involves more detailed modelling of the outside of the building and grounds and detailed modelling of the interior of the building. In the Explore level the exterior of buildings are modelled as basic representations for background, in the Experience Level we add more detail and make the building the focus. Unlike the Explore level the user can enter the building as the interior rooms are also modelled providing the rich experience mentioned above.

In the pictures below a comparison is shown between actual photos and screen shots from the Experience level. It may be seen that the three dimensional model accurately represents the space. The benefits of a three dimensional model is that the user may navigate freely around the model and not be restricted by camera positions.

Comparison of the Experience Level with photos

The level of model detail can be matched to requirements, model quality does need to be balanced with time taken to produce the content and hardware available to run the Experience Level.

The possibilities for the Experience Level are almost endless. Promotion of Accommodation and Restaurant businesses are obvious applications but activities also present interesting possibilities. Another advantage of modelling using a Games Engine is that it’s possible to represent things that don’t exist or in a form that is difficult to capture. So for example if a new boating centre was planned, the buildings, boats, etc.. could be modelled in the correct location and an experience created of sailing in perfect weather conditions to allow marketing even before the activity was built.

If the Overview Level is like a next generation exhibition model and the Explore Level is like walking in a digital Model Village then the Experience Level really does represent an Alice in Wonderland world where anything is possible!

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