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Where are we heading?

When navigating the model, the view direction changes constantly, presenting relative positions of the fells that is different to the usual, North upwards view presented on maps. This can lead to a feeling of disorientation. To fix this it was decided that some visual cue of direction was required.

We experimented with various ways of providing this using structures on the model, such as large North, South, East and West markers. However these markers themselves were not always in view so it became clear that something attached to view rather than the model, similar to the menus and buttons, was required.

We have therefore added a compass bar at the top of the window which constantly displays the view direction. This provides exactly the feedback required by the user and makes it easy to pivot to a familiar North Up orientation if required.

This compass bar should also be very useful in the Explore and Experience model levels to be added in the future.

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